Chiller Plant-VFD

Buildings’ chiller plants often operate at less than a full load for more than 95% of their operating hours and are designed to handle unexpected overloads. These traditional, constant-operating systems use energy unnecessarily.

Variable frequency drives (VFD), also known as variable-speed drives or adjustable-speed drives, are a key technology used to reduce energy use and cost. They offer an attractive energy conservation measure where there is a need to vary the flow in distribution systems. VFD technology is not new to the HVAC industry. Variable frequency drives have been used extensively for air handling unit fans, cooling tower fans, and water pumps for a long time. With state-of-the-art compressor technology and microprocessor based control systems, manufacturers now offer variable frequency drives specially designed for centrifugal chillers.

Even with a relatively warm temperature, VFDs offer higher energy savings than alternatives such as fixed speed drives or any positive displacement compressor like screw compressors. This creates an excellent opportunity to attain a quick payback and return on the VFD investment, particularly for facilities operating continuously, such as hotels, hospitals, call centers, software centers, and factories.

VFDs on centrifugal chillers are being used by most of the major centrifugal suppliers as new equipment offerings or retrofit options. Considering the ever increasing cost of electricity, it may be a wiser choice to opt for energy saving options like VFDs on centrifugal chillers. We are specialized in VFD projects of chilled water pumps, condenser water pumps, cooling tower fans, and chiller compressors in chiller plants.

All-Variable Speed Plant Configuration

Chiller Plant-VFD Applications

  • Chiller Compressor-VFD
  • Chilled Water Pump-VFD
  • Condenser Water Pump-VFD
  • Cooling Tower Fan-VFD
  • Condenser Coil Fan-VFD
  • Air Handling Unit-VFD

Other Applications

  • Turbocor Compressor
  • Chiller Replacement