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SWC Smart Lighting Solutions

We provide

• Free audit to identify opportunities for energy savings.
• A wide range of lighting products that we can cater to your lighting needs.
• A professional engineering design and permit service.
• A comprehensive study on your energy savings.
• Rebate & Incentvies program.
• Beginning-to-end professional installment.
• Highest-Quality customer service to guarantee your satisfection w/ SWC.

We have customers in

• Commercial Office Building
• Industrial Property
• Manufacturing
• Hospitality
• College and University
• K-12 School
• Retail Mall
• Hospital

Indoor Light Solutions

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    Tube Replacement

    LED Tube replacements are a great choice if you are looking to replace your old fluorescent T8, T10, or T12 lamps with clean, efficient LED technology. They also boast of better color rendering, require less maintenance, and burn out less frequently with up to 100,000 lifetime hours.

    Type of tube replacement kits

    • Type A: Plug & Play LED Tube
    • Type B: Direct Wiring LED Tube
    • Type C: External LED Driver with LED Tube

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    Luminaires and Retrofit Kits

    Our Commercial and Industrial LED Luminaires and Retrofits are designed solutions for Fluorescent, Metal Halide, and High-Pressure Sodium to LED Conversion in over 99% of fixtures/applications.

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    Sunlike LED

    Exuberant in Color, Revealing True Color

    Despite wearing the same clothes, you may realize your outfit looks different in indoor/outdoor settings depending on the lighting. SunLike technology provides rich color perspective through natural light and helps reveal your intended original colors.

    Sparking life by forming new dimensions

    If you look under the existing Conventional LED lights, the reflection of light is so severe that one can not see as clearly. SunLike LED’s characteristic, however, is bright and vibrant so there is little diffuse reflection- thus revealing the true perspective along with three-dimensional feelings which make an object appear more alive and clear.

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    CA Title 24 Lighting Upgrade

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Outdoor Lighting Solutions

LED area lighting virtually eliminates ongoing maintenance with some fixtures, staying bright for up to 100,000 hours. Even running 12 hours a day, that's over 22 years of light for college campuses, shopping malls, residential parks, hospital grounds, commercial parking lots, car dealerships, and other applications. While HID systems fade quickly and turn yellow over time, LED area lights maintain their color temperature for years, giving you longer lasting and higher quality light.

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