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Smart Lighting Control

The right lighting sets a scene. Heightens moods. And brings the world around you to life. Our Wireless Lighting Control Design solution does just that, giving you the power to change your space. It’s seamless. It’s intuitive. It’s the Smart Whale Solution controlled from anywhere with just a tap.

Whether it’s commercial or industrial, education or retail, healthcare or entertainment, our wireless control system has the ability to upgrade your space through wireless lighting control. It’s the smart system that takes scheduling, ambient light, and occupancy into account to provide ideal lighting levels for every occasion, saving you energy and money in the process. It puts the power in your hands, through a simple and intuitive app — the power to brighten the scene, to dim the lights, to set smart schedules on a building- or even campus-wide scale. It’s faster to install, it’s easier to maintain, and it’s more reliable than the competition and traditional systems.

Our lighting control solution automates and simplifies
cost-and-energy-saving strategies

Occupancy, Daylight Harvesting, SchedulingSimple installation into light fixtures

Web or mobile control from anywhere

Compliance with ASHRAE 90.1-2010

Custom control of individual light fixtures

Maintenance-free battery life on wireless devices

Ability to use on linear fluorescent, can/downlight, and LED troffer fixtures

Integration with existing building automation systems

Available device pre-configuration away from the job site

Works with Open ADR Event

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