We replace and upgrade existing tubes and/or fixtures with indoor & outdoor LED retrofits, as well as Sun-like LEDs.

Our wireless control system upgrades your space to provide ideal lighting levels for every occasion- saving you energy and money in the process.

We provide a clean reliable source of hydrogen- the key to any successful operation of fuel cell industrial vehicles.

Our DC chargers benefit clients and constituents by quickly and efficiently charging electric vehicles at 2 times the speed of a Level 1 charger.


Our VFD solution addresses the efficiency of electric motors and decreases power consumption by varying the frequency of motors.

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Save Energy! Save Whales!

We have been seeking to find a solution that can maximize efficient energy use while responding to global climate change. We, Smart Whale Control, are a lighting distribution and smart control systems development company that specializes in LED lighting solutions and also provide other energy-efficient products and services to our many customers.

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