smart whale control

The name represents a parallel between the past and the present energy sources, whales and electricity – reflects the company’s mission to strive for environmental sustainability and to fulfill its social responsibilities.

How are they parallel?

Whale oil had been used as an energy source in the past, like electricity in the present. Due to the high demand for whale oil, indiscriminate whaling was prevalent and, as a result, whales became an endangered species. Nowadays, we are wasting our energy source and electricity without reminding ourselves of the possible aftermaths; as a result, we currently face the danger of environmental degradation similar to how the whales were driven to the danger of extinction.

As a socially responsible company, SWC endeavors to save electrical energy by reducing excessive energy consumption through LED Retrofit.

Also we decided to help people around the world battle and contain the threat posed to our health by the novel Coronavirus through UVC Lighting solutions. Use of ultraviolet light is scientifically the most effective method to make any environment inhospitable to all kinds of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, molds, and other pathogens.

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