Mobile UV Disinfecting Units

Mobile UV Disinfecting Units

Mobile UV Disinfecting Units

Hospital-Grade powerful UV-C disinfection destroys over 99.99% of pathogens, while minimizing day-to-day disruption.

Introducing R-Zero


Protect Staff & Students

Reassure Parents

Reduce Sick Days

No harmful Chemicals

No Harmful Chemicals

R zero UV-C disinfection

Proven science, your best defense.

  • 78″ high for floor to ceiling coverage
  • 24″ base with 4 legs for maximum stability
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Four 3″ multi-directional locking casters for effortless movementonals
  • 8 maximum output bulbs 425W of germicical UV-C
  • Disinfect a 1,000 ft² room in 7 minutes
  • Safe to operate
  • Smart IOT: BLE, LTE-M, and GPS connectivity
  • Easy to maintain

360° Infrared Motion Sensors

Four long range sensors prevent operatioin if they detect any movement in the room.


Control Panel

INtutive controls enable users to simply se the timer and leave. 


Portable & Strong Base

Stabel base with lockiing casters designed to prevent tipping.

Federal Funding is Available

Our devices are eligible “disinfection equipment and services” expenses under the CARES Act.

Software &



Manage all devices from a single place and customize locations unique to your facilities.


View location-based usage data & monitor compliance with disinfection protocols.


Access educational materials to seamlessly share your practices with stakeholders.

R zero software and analytics


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