Disinfection Lighting

UV Disinfection From Above

We specialize in germicidal UV light that kills bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in the air.
We bring to you a sustainable and cost-effective way of sanitation for homes, cars, offices, medical facilities and all indoor areas.

With proper layout, Fixtures powered by Violet Defense™ technology give you whole room protection no matter the size of the space, and the ability to disinfect on demand in one cycle.

  • UV-C (200-280 nm) is most traditionally referred to as germicidal UV with ability to kill bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi.
  • While UV-C is most traditionally referred to as germicidal UV, UV-B wavelengths have also demonstrated effectiveness against certain bacteria.
    UV-A (320-400 nm) and UV-B (280-320nm) light causes oxidation of proteins and lipids causing cell death.
  • Blue light in the 405 nm to 470 nm wavelengths has been shown to be able to have up to 100% bacterial suppression over the proper intervals.
  • The blue light causes photoexcitation of endogenous porphyrins that leads to the generation of reactive oxygen species, which are toxic to bacterial cells.
  • Designed for easy installation in drop-ceilings or using VESA-mount brackets to provide whole room UV disinfection to all types of settings
  • Intelligent control system can automatically adapt cleaning cycle to maintain a level of cleanliness over time
  • The motion sensor technology with redundant safety systems trigger the unit only when room is unoccupied


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